Peggy walks in saying, “Hello John”. John, “Hello Noonan!”


Peggy Noonan is a conservative WSJ opinion columnist. She

likes to write from the POV of the “Reagan Years”……mostly

because she was directly involved in the IranContra scandal

What did Partisan Peggy have to say while appeasing crazy?

“We are in the worst scandal since Water-Gate…they don’t
just look(the administration) ‘jerky’ now, they look dirty”

(Maybe not)

Now David Gregory AKA “Super Pussy Establishment Soft

Ball Question guy” pushed back with, “Overstatment here?”

Her response is both funny, sad, and shows bad ignorance:

“I don’t think so…all 3 of these scandals makes a cluster that
implies some very bad things about the forthcomingness….”

it was vague, odd, & she speaks SO slowly it seems she does

(Peggy & the Gip)

not have any actual FACTS to support her views. Wow, bad

Let all the facts dictate the views, not the other way around

But they don’t care, never have. Oh, & speaking of Benghazi

The ACTUAL “Benghazi Lie

By now, you know the Obama administration is under a Lil’

fire lately. One was Benghazi, where sadly our US Embassy

(yes, a teleprompter)

was attacked by terrorists & 4 American’s died. It was BAD

But what happened afterwards was what sucked. Please see

the irrational lies, hate, avoidance of facts, & ignoring of all

reality for baseless partisan venom. Forget it isn’t even true

and forget it dupes very stupid people to vote against their

own political interests based on racial hate. Well, turns out

(I lie)

far right winger Jonathan Karl, who came into reporting by

way of the Collegiate Network, a group dedicated to always

promoting GOP talking points. Well, he claimed to directly

quote one of the White House Benghazi e-mails. Turns out

he only re-quoted a REPUBLICAN source opinion as if fact

Only problem? The actual e-mails were released, & he lied

It was wrong, not true, false, incorrect, or what’s called a lie

He was caught here, so now naturally; it’s time to lie again

“Clearly, I regret the email was quoted incorrectly and I
regret that it’s become a distraction from the story, which
still entirely stands.  I should have been clearer about the
attribution.  We updated our story immediately.”

Ah yes, the good old GOP “Non-Apology Apology” on que

Fictional quotes as if fact is nothing new for these “idiots”

And most “reporters” would be fired for such partisan shit

Killer Tornado Takes Too Much

To all those in Oklahoma right now, that was devastating

It’s terrible, & we all stand by ready to support you in what

(horrible shit)

ever you need in these coming months. The death toll is at

24 tight now, but more are missing, and many are children

Stay strong Moore, OK. This terror will be over soon, & we

will stand with you during this terrible time. You will rise

from this, but for right now, thanks to all the tireless ER’s

(holy shit)

and all first responders still searching for others. It will get

better, and you will feel safe again. But for now, we mourn

Here’s the fun clip of the day. McCain with Apple CEO Cook
asking “Why do I have to update my iphone Aps all the time?”

Have a day!

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