There is a conservative “personality”. Let’s simply call it what

it is. It is an attractive younger hot gal, spewing the same lies

(taken seriously? No)

as any other “conservative”. This thing is called SE Cupp, you

know, like “Essie” but with the letters. After all…she wants to

C-U-P. She was on an episode of Real Time this past Friday &

was discussing gun control. She was “booed” by the audience:

“it(having this national gun registry enforced federally) treats
law-abiding citizens as if they are guilty until proven innocent.”

Forget that it doesn’t. Forget that it’s not a valid argument. Ah,

(I know “stuff”)

just forget her BS. Hum, why is it that we register our cars, our

pets, our fucking iphones and ipads for shit sake. BUT having 1

for deadly weapons that can kill 26 school children is really bad

Ohhhhhh, that makes no fucking sense. Then SE states a big lie

Mass shootings are also down!”. To this Moore, who is a movie

making political provocateur liberal now blurts out, “NO!”. Then

SE states, “it is FACT, they are down”. Moore thinks, “Yes, there

has been less mass shooting since Columbine”. Then Mike says,

(hot magically=smart to FOX)

“this is the bubble, thought you weren’t in the bubble”. Then she

says, “It’s not a bubble…………………I just happen to be informed

on gun-issues unlike most people who talk about them”. Boom,

she totally factually & statistically WRONG. WRONG. WRONG

Conservative David Brooks & the post highlighted the stats here

“For much of the 20th century there were, on average, a handful of
mass killings per decade. But that number spiked in 1980, & kept
rising thereafter. In the United States, there have now been at least
62 mass shootings
in the past 3 decades, with 24 in the last 7 years”

There is a clear uptick in “mass shootings” like Sandy Hook. That

is just the “facts”. But, on a whole shootin’ crimes are going down

Big difference. And no matter if SE shouts “facts”, reality’s a bitch

Now Umbrella-Gate, Or Everything-Gate

It was a real rough week for the Obama administration. I heard he

also left the toilet seat up, so Michelle hit him in his baby baggage

(dumb & loud)

Now when Obama eats his cereal wrong, the entire right will ALL

scream, “SEE, we told you he’s NOT LIKE US! He can’t even eat

Fruit Loops good!”. They simply do not fucking care. They don’t

care about facts, reality, policy, statistics, or historical reference

Fuck that shit, Obama is a: “Muslim atheist radical black power

Christian nazi commie alien baby-devouring amishjewish killer”

Of course he IS. It ALL makes “total sense”. Heck, when you are

(death of the GOP)

permanently checked out from reality itself living in an alternate

universe, ANYTHING does! I sort of laugh…then feel sad for the

Alex Jones, “Patriot” nutters who shout, “He’s not like US”. Yes

we know exactly what you mean. He is not “white, southern”, or

“Real Merican”. It just makes the knuckle draggers looks worse

Surprised no one has said, “We need to change the Presidential

Seal. That ONE has ruined it forever, & need a new one. Maybe

one with a Confederate Flag, some guns, and some white hoods”

Oh, we get you & your mirror “gets you” too. Find it, & look hard

If lights are “on” you won’t like what you see, so you keep it dark

Have a day!

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