The boy who cried wolf, had cried SO many time, & SO often

no one in the village is listening anymore. But again, they cry

(“Odumer is Nazi Alien”)

louder, “Wolf, wolf!!!”. Now when a real wolf comes strolling

into the village to threaten the safety of the whole community

the boy ignores that, even as it’s about to consume him whole

These total insane GOP idiots on FOX did 24/7 IRS coverage

This is a non-scandal, and AGAIN the Obama administration

stupidly and wrongly fired Miller, who had nothing to do with

(step right up to BS!)

any of this. The person in charge of it was a “Bush appointee”

Former commissioner Douglas Shulman oversaw at the time

What possible political motive would HE have? Ohhhh, none

Unless *cue big drama music* he targeted them, to STOP em

This makes little to no sense. There’s no scandal here, but ya

can’t tell that the Wolf Boy rolling & squealing in it’s own poo

Also, forget you do not need to APPLY. You simply FILE as it

(yes, so cool)

But TeaOP’ers have never been what you would call “Sharp”

Now, the Boy will cry “WOLF!” and keep shouting, while the

real one is still walking around in the “AP wiretapping event”

Said it before, say it again; facts & reality simply don’t matter

They live in a different world ‘free of facts’ to suit their views

The GOP “Crazy” is killing the party at warp speed, or faster

(truth hurts)

Oh, to add to this insanity is the “Obama Tornado Truthers”

Clearly Obama created Tornado’s to distract us all. FIDIOTS

The Newest “TeaOP Token” W/Extra Crazy

Republican E.W Jackson candidate for Senate in Virgina, is

literally batshitcrazy. He does an “Ad” if you can call it that,

(“Give me $”)

where he literally uses a Red, White, & Blue flag axe to split

produce apart with words on them claiming he will “FIX IT”

Irony: thinking you “fix” things by literally destroying them

Double Irony: cutting all government means no job for him

He’s another in the neat line of Gop token’s like Cain, Keyes,

Clarance Thomas, Thomas Sowell, & now E.W jacko. Neato!

(“Axe me a question”)

Forget their views go against reality, & everything they stand

for is against equal protection under the law or any real form

of rational governance. They also hate the gays, women, and

pretty much anything the older white top 3% hate. And none

of them are ‘racist’ because they hired the black guy to yell it

No, they’re trying everything under the sun to HIRE a black

bigot for $. Most people call that exactly what it is…a whore

(Look familiar?)

A black TeaOP’er is like a Jewish Nazi, or a Gay Republican

What they’re stating for policy goes against their own views

Tomorrow: Bear Brian Urlacher Retires, Hawks, AP wiretap

Have a day!

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