It seems that Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson

is not “with” gay marriage. It is not “Something he believes in”

(“No thanks”)

There’s nothing quite so sadly ignorant as a minority who was

racially denied equal protection under the law, now using their

“opinion” to support doing the EXACT same ‘thing’ to another

minority group. Odd, sad, and shows a glaring “historical blind

spot”. Having an opinion is one thing, but stating “eh, fuck that

minority group being denied equal rights” is another. See, free

(“no gay, no how”)

speech is a two way street. You are free to say horrible dumb &

ignorant shit. BUT it doesn’t “magically remove” the now very

real consequences of SAYING the really fucking stupid shit. So

when people shout, “they’re just expressing their opinion”. Yes

and society is expressing theirs in stating that opinion sucks &

is really far more offensive than the speaker understands. It is

amazing that many ‘religious African American’s’ are against =

rights for gay American’s having felt that exact denial of rights

Nothing stings so much like hypocrisy being shouted so loudly

Papa Pizza Ass-dial Racism

Here’s a shocker, there are “a lot of racists” in Sanford Florida

Now there are “two radically racist pizza delivery dunderfucks”


A nice couple tip 21% gratuity as usual. On a $15.26 total, they

tipped $5 to the driver. The driver proceeded to ass-dial them:

Racist #1: “Did he tip you?”. Racist #2 “Nope, not at all”(lie)
Racist #1: “That’s the only requirement for being a n****r”
Racist #2: “Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, out
standing African-American gentleman of the community”
(And then he sings horribly racist made up N-Word songs)

Forget they actually tipped them 33% which is amazing, & also

forget these 2 “idiot bigoted fuckwads” can’t accept the nice tip

The 2 shitwits were immediately fired, and the married couple

(Love MAD)

were profusely apologized to by the staff. CEO Papa John even

directly apologized on his Facebook page, which is most likely

his PR company who is actually doing it. These 2 big “Knuckle

Draggers” pictures should be displayed everywhere. We should

shine a light on these big hateful piles of shit, & those like them

The reason you know ‘Sanford Florida’, is because that is where


Travyon Martin was killed. Seems they have a Lil’ problem with

racism there. Not generalizing, just watching this area for more

events like this. After all, they might be popping up pretty often

with their new town slogan, “Welcome To Sanford – We Already

Told Jackie Robinson ‘No N*****s’ Once, What’d You Expect?”

Tomorrow: Rham CPS Fuck Up, & Republican Aid Hypocrisy

Have a day!

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