you totally know that Albert would take naps in the late

afternoons. Naps are good. Shit, we make kids take em,

(post spank)

so why SHOULDN’T they be allowed for adults. Hell, it

it really BS to get a kid used to having something soooo

cool, only to take it away when we all get older. Bullshit

But my guess that Albert spanked it hard to get into the

nice deep REM sleep. Maybe to nice porn, or a Sears bra


section. They didn’t have Victoria Secret in his day. But

I totally think he did. It’d explain his high IQ, and smile

all the time. He thinks, “I got a job where I can pull my

goalie once a day, then take a sweet nap, & they pay me

big $ for it all”. I think we all know why he was a genius

Monday: FOX’s bold Benghazi lie, again, & mayor crack

Have a weekend!

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