Rham wants to shut down at lot of Public Schools. Well, it

seems a lot of people aren’t happy about it including a kid

(fight for it kid)

9-year old Asean Johnson, stood up to the mayor, sending

him a message about who he’s really hurting when closing

down schools. It’s inspired, & required viewing for anyone

who gets crapped on bureaucracy & people trying make a

school just “go away” because it cost our state some money

Turns out 4 schools were taken off a list of 49 that were to

(suck it kids)

be closed. Guess Asean message hit squarely home. But it

is not over by a long shot. Fight to keep the community’s

schools open. Our kids need it, & it is in the poorest of all

the communities. That makes is totally unacceptable to us

Watch this closely, this is not over by a long shot…….at all

The TeaOP Death Plummet

Michelle “Crazy Train” Bachmann is not running for office

in 2014. Mostly because she’s under investigation for fraud


but the Federal Election Commission. She’s also down bad

in the polls right now. She is also ‘batshitcrazy’ by all views

R’s Tom Coburn & James Inhofe want to vote for “disaster

relief” in their state of Oklahoma for all the tornado victims

First, never make disaster relief political, get it, and give it

Hum, let’s see if they voted for ‘Hurricane Sandy victims’ in

(“relief only for me”)

2012? NOPE, in fact they voted to CUT the FEMA budget in

2011, & voted against Sandy relief every time. It seems like

like their ignorant hypocrisy served up just right. See, when

it’s THEIR home state in need, government is GOOD and it is

needed, but when the “greasy turds” on the east coast needs

help, well, fuck them! How totally expected. They are pretty

(“relief only for me”)

fucking clear about all of this, and have been this way a long

time(easily the last 60 years). Ask TeaOP’erĀ  Phyllis Schlafly

who thinks they should ignore Latino’s, immigrants, or any

minorities. She thinks they should “exclusively target” only

white voters; as if it wasn’t their “outreach” this entire time

Have a day!

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