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Hurling Shit At The Wall

May 15th, 2013

The GOP only has three modes: lie, hate, & impeach. They do not govern, they do not care, they serve only the highest paid (truth hurts) bidder. See, while the Democrats are pussies who back down to these fatfucksticks; only standing up hard might shut them up, for a whole 5 seconds then they crank […]

Not many people like the IRS. When they show up at your door, you shit your pants, then wonder if ya reported that on your most recent (Irrational Rectum Service?) filing. They are “disliked” because they like to take $ from everybody That’s from the wealthy, to the middle class, to the poor. But what […]

Jeff Bliss decided to speak his mind, & he struck a deep cord There are teachers out there who thanklessly work their asses (Bad teacher indeed) off. They work tirelessly making our kids better for tomorrow But there are also lazy, effort free, selfishly ignorant teachers who are damaging our countries future, and collecting $ […]

Photo Of The Weekend!

May 10th, 2013

In a bold move for silverware everywhere, the forks, & knives decided… (Guess he swallowed 100 magnets) To create a sneak attack on Ivan’s food in his stomach, from the outside The bulls choked their final game harder than a teenage boy does his “junk” Oh, never play leap frog with a unicorn, & always […]

Charles Ramsey, remember that name. He’s not only a Hero with a (I’m just Chuck!) capital “h”, he’s also so damn awesomely hilarious for being honest He saved 3 women from being abducted, for 10 years by three nuts in Cleveland. But you haven’t heard anything yet. You gotta listen to his raw, honest, hilarious […]

Just when you think the “Right Wing Nut Train” lost steam you see stories like THIS which sadly make your skin crawl (Just don’t) Adam Kokesh, no relation to “David Koresh” that I know of, but wins the “Crazy Anti-Government Name Rhyming Fest” is an Iraq War veteran who in 07 was discharged w/”under honorable […]

Shit, I’d say the xenophobic hate machines on the right hit rock bottom. Nope, they hit “Rocky Bottom”. A “gun target” (“yes um”) company called, aw fuck them, I’m not giving these assbags a free plug. They deserve nothing. Mostly because they are less than nothing. Take an overinflated “Southern Pride” & add some guns, […]

Saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. It’s really a damn good 3rd installment (nooooooice!) That shit’s not easy to do people. Think of ALL the 3rd installments in movies that have happened. Now……think about how many have been good? Not many. Maybe the God Father, Rocky III, or LOTR’s??????? Some 3’s you won’t want to […]

Yes, it’s low hanging fruit. Actually the lowest…ever, so I apologize. Oh the place where her brain’s supposed to be (where is that again?) is now being used a car keys dish. Meh, at least she does serve a purpose to others now. Her “in the news” for any thing other than being a fuckwit […]

This just makes me sad, & violently angry at the same time A 5 year-old in Kentucky, shot & killed his 2 year old sister, (Shitballs!) with a .22 caliber rifle. BUT, he got it from his parents as a GIFT. Let that sink in for a moment. The parents thought, “Gee, what my five […]

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