Just when you think the “Right Wing Nut Train” lost steam

you see stories like THIS which sadly make your skin crawl

(Just don’t)

Adam Kokesh, no relation to “David Koresh” that I know of,

but wins the “Crazy Anti-Government Name Rhyming Fest”

is an Iraq War veteran who in 07 was discharged w/”under

honorable conditions”. Which is below honorable but above

other than honorable. He’s an “Alex Jones Libertarian nut”

He was even walked back by Alex Jones. Let “THAT” sink in

for a moment. Naturally Alex said it was “cause they’d stage

(Adam before)

a provocateur to start a problem”. This shit is VERY VERY

fucking dangerous. This is feeding mentally ill people with

delusions of grandeur. Watch the whole exchange with Alex

where he keeps trying to temper his “armed revolution” talk

The bottom line here is open carry of weapons is illegal in DC,

let alone LOADED ones. He calls this “subtle”. It’s not at all

“This is an act of civil disobedience, not a permitted event. We will march with
rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice
that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny. We’re
marching to mark a high water mark of government & to turn the tide.
This will be a non-violent event, unless the government chooses to make it violent”

(Adam now)

Classy fella. This is both one part treason, one part sedition

“There’s a remote chance that there will be violence as there has been from
government before…We are truly saying in the SUBTLEST way possible
that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”

Again, not “subtle” ace. But he’s not done yet. He tweets this

“It’s time to abolish the US federal government”. It’s sedition

and he should be monitored by agencies, cause he’s unstable

He currently has 900 planning to attend the event on the 4th

(Adam’s friends?!?!)

It’d say that “RSVP list” is a pretty fucking great place to start

looking at the “gun owners” who should’ve been background

checked. They are NOT SANE, nor level headed, or remotely

even “rational”. Dissent’s the highest form of patriotism, but

treason/incitement or open war with our government is NOT

He’s an anti-Iraq war vet, I agree with that. It’s where it ends

It’s all so sad, and shows a fundamental ignorance that might

(sad combo)

not be overcome easily in society. When a bad student is mad,

or frustrated, they should try to LISTEN and learn why they

made mistakes to avoid them again. But what a blind hateful

mentally unstable student does is lash out at the teacher and

try to “Punch”, “Hurt”, or “End Their Reign of Tyranny” with

force. Because they are FAR TO ignorant to even understand

that the fault lies inside THEM. My advice is find a mirror, &

quick before some of you nutters do horrible things that will

(Dead or in jail)

either land you jail for a long time, or worse yet, get ya killed

An armed army of 1,000’s with loaded weapons marching on

DC is an act of aggression, period. You’ll be arrested & if you

open fire, it will get you put down faster than pants at prom

ask this nutters this: suggest that Muslim Americans should

also exercise THEIR 2nd amendment rights marching on DC

Watch their heads explode, and “Rabid Islamophobia” erupt

For you see, only certain “Patriots” have constitutional rights

It’s the beauty of hate. It’s all very very very very selective

Have a day!

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