Hurling Shit At The Wall

May 15th, 2013

The GOP only has three modes: lie, hate, & impeach. They do

not govern, they do not care, they serve only the highest paid

(truth hurts)

bidder. See, while the Democrats are pussies who back down

to these fatfucksticks; only standing up hard might shut them

up, for a whole 5 seconds then they crank up the hate machine

another notch. They do not care about facts, policy, or helping

average Americans. They care about 1 thing……getting Obama

out of office by any means necessary. Do you think they really

(yes it did)

“care” about the “IRS or AP records gathering”? NO, not at all

They’re like just the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” over 674,987 times

Now that an actual Dingo shows up, the “kid” is really confused

See, if it “Hurts” Obama, it is the gravest insult on this country

And, these are serious big problems that need to be addressed

& answered to. Yet instead of finding out the correct people &

issues who caused this, it’s instantly “Impeach Obama Now!!”

(No shit)

See when hate’s the only thing driving or motivating the folks

they don’t care about any specifics, details, or ever preventing

it again. They only want one thing. Blood, and to watch a man

burn. Common in hate groups. Most of the GOP today is now

one big Obama hate group. Ask yourself, how many jobs bills

or thoughtful helpful regulation, or new laws to assist average

American’s in our daily lives, or updating our decaying infra-

structure? ZERO. NONE. ZIP. NADA. Yet how many x’s have


they unsuccessfully tried to overturn the AHCA? 37 times!!!!

You can be sure they will try it another 15 times w/Ted Cruz

Did they even let a watered down Gun Bill come to a vote???

Nope. DC is fucking broken. It’s not just Republicans, & it is

not just pussy Democrats. It’s the “for sale” voting structure

and until that lobbying power ever gets out of there, we will

always be fighting to find government of the people, by the


people, FOR the people. Until then, it’s government for “the

highest bidder” & any lobbyists with big $, to pay for “votes”

Ask the people bitching if they want to solve this, or just get

Obama impeached. When it’s #2, you know they do not care

They did all this in the 90’s under Clinton, & history repeats

It’s an old stale “Playbook Of Hate” that never solves a thing

Ask Darth “Dick” Cheney who’s ripping Obama. That’s balls

The truth will out, it always does. At that point, we will see

Tomorrow: AG Pissed Off AP, & TP calls FOX “To Liberal”

Have a day!

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