Saw Iron Man 3 this weekend. It’s really a damn good 3rd installment


That shit’s not easy to do people. Think of ALL the 3rd installments in

movies that have happened. Now……think about how many have been

good? Not many. Maybe the God Father, Rocky III, or LOTR’s???????

Some 3’s you won’t want to remember: Jaw III, Friday the 13th III, or

literally almost every III that has ever existed in film making. Number

(“It’s Jawsier”)

3’s are always the hardest. The 3rd hit in a baseball game, or 3rd wife

Then while seated I saw a trailer for Fast & The Furious 6. Wow, that

just made me throw up in my mouth a bit. Having 1 was way 2 many

But IM3, was unique. He spends 2/3 of his time, OUT of his iron suit

Which means, the story and the acting better be awesome. And it was

My guess, IM17 is just Robert Downey Jr. at a nursing home reading

New NRA President Jim “Crow” Porter

Wow, just when you think the NRA can’t be any lower on the bottom

of the barrel, the bottom pops out sending them into fucking free fall


In 2012, Porter was addressing his “Crew of Good ol’ boys” at a BBQ

Do you want to know what he said? Are you sure? Well here you go:

“We’re all in this together…the NRA was started by some Yankee generals
who didn’t like the way my southern boys had the ability to shoot, in what
we call the “War Of Northern Aggression”. Ya’ll might call it the Civil War
but we call it the “War Of Northern Aggression down south…Eric Holder!
what else do I need to say…other than the fact by god, obviously we ain’t
smart enough for him to brain wash us cause he says that what they need
to do…get that ‘gun thinking’ out of their minds. That’s what the man said
Rabidly anti-gun, rabidly Un-American. Involved in trying to kill the 2nd
amendment at the United Nations…Holder & our SOS Hillary Clinton”

Oh, for shits sake, the Civil War began on April 12, 1861, when some

Confederate forces fired upon Fort´╗┐ Sumter, in South Carolina. What

(“I ate the previous president”)

a fucking lunatic. If Jim “The Seditious Anus” is turning the NRA in

to his own Southern Militia to fight another civil war, that is treason.

Period. It’s not funny, & it’s not a damn joke. The NRA was founded

in NYC in 1871 by by General George Wood Wingate. It was for any

citizen to increase their marksmanship, safety, & training with guns

Now it’s become a Redneck Rally Cry of “Freedom” for Ted Nugent

(The usual clown car)

camouflage dip spitting “Knuckle Draggers” looking to pick a fight

with the US Government because they aren’t in “power”. It’s rather

pathetically sad. They all yell ‘Tyranny’, but what they really mean

is “We’re still pissed black people, Latino’s, women, gays, and any

other minorities we don’t like have ANY power or voice in policies”

They’re like a broken down car on the side of the road watching all


of society & life passing by at 65 miles per hour. All they can do is

yell, fist shake, and instead of calling AAA for help, blame the cars

Thanks: to my good friend Patti Vasquez who has a this great radio

show on WGN radio on Sunday’s from 10pm-1am letting me play

Have a day!

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