It’s official, the old crusty TeaOP establishment is dying

They are losing in every demographic, policy, & political

(“Wait, I shit myself”)

category. Good Ol’ “Crazy As Fuck” Pat is a staple of that

Pat is really really really mad at group called Right Wing

Watch for being a “nasty” organization who take his own

words then “twist them” and “distort them”. But what he

means is: “I’m really fucking upset with´╗┐ my own unedited

(It’s always yours)

words totally in context”. He now thinks this is a fucking

political game. He thinks “using his OWN words against

him” is now magically wrong. I guess, when you keep on

saying really hateful stupid shit, it would be “Damaging”

Ah Pat, your mouth works fine, your brain, not so much

Republican Bob Dole Rips TeaOP Hard

Remember Republican Bob Dole from 1996??? Well he’s

89, older than dirt, & still alive with some advice. But will

(“I existed”)

any nutty TeaOP’ers ever listen??? Nope, & that is par for

the course. Remember “Stupid always doubles down”, but

fucking ignorant never stops spewing the same hate or lies

Dole said that the GOP should put a sign that reads “doors

closed for repairs, until New Years Day, next year”. He also

(So long)

said he, Reagan, & Nixon couldn’t get elected today. Well

done TeaOP, you’re killing your party at warp speed guys

Oh, speaking of Tea Party crazies ensuring the party’s end

Keep On Cruzin’ Off That Cliff

The TeaOP is taking harder, farther to the right, into the

darkness, never to be heard from again. And while doing

(Such a sad goof)

it, they scream, “Freedom!!” while trying to get all of the

government into women’s vagina’s, gay marriage, and all

things religion. See when they say, “I HATE government”

what they mean is “I hate Democrats in power”. See, they

got no problems expanding it when in power: stem cells,

Patriot Act, Gitmo, torture, wire tapping, ban abortions,

(no, you don’t)

use it to strip gun laws, illegal wars, & a national religion

Ted Cruz represents all that xenophobic hate, ignorance,

and lack of basic historical facts or policy to support his

views. But McCarthy Jr. will ruin lives, screw every vote,

and tell average American’s to fuck off. See, he serves the

NRA, big corporate $, and the top 3%. The rest of you are

all suckers, chumps, marks, rubes, pigeons, idiots. So sad

Have a day!

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