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Sorry, No Bloggy Today…

January 14th, 2015

It’s been crazy. No excuses, just a major project editing (Well no shit!) deadline, and those ALWAYS win. In the mean time go make yourself a Sandwich, a Cocktail, & watch some of the idiot box for hours on end. Doctors orders! Oh, and I am not a Doctor……..but your friends don’t know that Have […]

Manic Funday Monday…

January 12th, 2015

Charlie Hebdo, & all at Jes Suis Charlie are all hero’s They died for the very concept of Freedom Of Speech (RIP noble hero’s) The people who killed them, are cowards, & religious extremists who are tryin’ to silence any rational voice of decent; favoring violent boot heel Fascism instead! When just stating something universally […]

THIS Is Domestic Terrorism…

January 8th, 2015

The NCAAP in Colorado Springs Colorado was targeted and “bombed” yesterday by a 40’s, white balding male (This is sad) No way! That seems shocking to me *Rolls Eyes* What will FOX, & all media outlets do?!? Never label this vile terrorist act as it IS. It is “Domestic Terrorism”, period. It’s also an “isolated […]

Republican cry baby Can O Tan Man John Boehner was just Re-elected Speaker Of “The Batshitcrazies” (We know) in congress. He faced BIG Opposition from his own party. Well I say “His own party” but what I mean is all the insane jabbering lunatics who both can’t ever govern or refuse too. They created this […]

Tucker “Bow Tied Super Douche” Carlson has some “Views” on the concept of White Privilege. Wait, did (We know!) I say “views”?!? I meant obfuscating racism at all the people pointin’ out specific examples of overt racism The little Fucker doesn’t want to hear about that any more. In fact, anyone (from ANY ethic backgrounds) […]

I’m back baby! It’s 2015, so let’s all bring the mega funk It seems that even FOX Noise can’t argue against reality But ohhh boy how they book “snake oil salesman” to try (Yes it IS!) FOX recently booked “token professorial friend” and the economist Peter Morici to spew lies about the minimum wage. Forget […]

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