It Seems these days we have two very different

worlds when it Comes To Facts, reality, science,

(Yes, we know)

Math, Sociology, Policy, ‘Government’, & Rules

On side abides by the law of Physics, while the

other denies they exist while it is happening in

front of their Fucking Faces. They are like a kid

screaming “Gravity doesn’t exist!!!!!” as things

are falling directly to the Earth all around them

Today’s Republican Party is not A Political Wing

Anymore. It’s A “Cult” Or “Matrix” Where Facts

& Reality Are Something To Be “Ignored”. Welp

(Yeah, so yeah)

if I was Watching their Entire party implode it

mightbe an Option to “ignore” it all. Sadly the

Stinging Brunt Of Reality Will Be Hitting Them

in the face like ice, when you trip skating. See

“reality” doesn’t Pick Sides, It Simply Is and it

gets worse the more one denies it. Oh speakin

of denying Reality. Remember that Old School

House Rock “Conjunction Junction What’s your

function?!?!” song?!?!?! Turns Out That can be

used for Trump as “Obstruction Struction what

(Awww shit)

Is Your Destruction?!?!?”. Trumpy Asked Jeffy

Sessions to “retain control again” After his big

“Recusal”. Wow, this is only His 17th overt act

of Obstruction. When he Gets To 20 he wins a

free Sub Sandwich…..which he will Trade in for

McDonald’s instantly. Walls Are Closing In Fast

NOTE: A Republican, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
Wins, The Most Evil Smile Fuck Ball Award, Ever
He Sexual Assaulted A Woman, Black Mailed Her
And he Violated Campaign Finance Law. We Was
Indicted February 22nd, For These Charges. BUT,
He Thinks This Was A “Witch Hunt”. Geeeee It Is
Just Like Trumpy & both Get Charged For Crimes

Have a day!

2 Responses to ““Crazy Lies” World & Obstruction Struction…”


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