In Trumpland, he’s Running out of Time and

with walls Closing in will try the ol’ “But, but


Obama Had an FBI Agent to get me”. Forget

It’s ALL Republicans at every level right now

who started the investigation: James Comey,

Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, ETC. Forget, Trump

lied In Claiming The Steele Doiser Started It,

when it was George Papadopoulos Telling an

some Upset Australian Officials, Who in Turn,

told our Agencies back. Then they opened an

Investigation. Ooooops. Desperate times call

(“You’re fucked”)

for a fresh insanely dumb new slew of tweets

& Melt Downs by Trump. It lets you Know he

knows it 2…’s almost over. This isn’t some

fuckin game. Our entire country hangs in the

balance. Are we a Nation of Laws that punish

overt criminals or not? If not it’s a free for all

Speaking of possible horrors to come, after a

shooting, Republicans only say Shit, they will

NEVER do Shit. They Are All bought & paid 4


by the NRA. Lobbyists Run Policy, citizens do

not. THAT needs To Change. Demand change

at The Ballot Box. Vote Only For Those who’ll

take No $. Send a message & vote Vote Vote!

NOTE: Mueller Expands Investigation While It Is
Clear Trump/Crew Financially Sought Saudi Help
This Is “Clearly” ILLEGAL & It Will Add To His Jail

Have a day!

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