Trumps pet Rudy Is not only making a mess on

all of America’s rug….he’s now publicly eating it

(Crypt Keeper)

Yes, On CNN, he Had To Pretend That a POTUS

does not ever get subpoenaed. 1st off yes they

fucking Do. And 2nd, Rudy Himself SAID It For

Bill Clinton 20 Years Ago Not Only Proving Him

a big fat liar, but confirming he’s just a partisan

fuckabout hack who Doesn’t know the law at all

He Wasn’t Mad At Cuomo, Showing His Obvious

partisan hypocrisy. Just mad he found it. And it

signals the end of a guy who never had any real

(Crooked SOB)

“beginning”. So long fucko, Enjoy Your Demise!

Now, Another ‘School Shooting’, More ‘Horribly’

dead & Partisan Republicans/Some Dems, Who

are ‘Owned’ By The NRA All Do NOTHING. Take

your “Thoughts & Prayers” & ram It up your ass

You not a Good Person, a Christian, or remotely

Hold Any Morality. They Picked $, Over Children

And all of History will judge you correctly as the

(So, Nothing)

soulless Sociopathic monsters you all are. They

will ALL be Correctly Charged as Evil by History

Have a weekend!

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