In usual prick fashion Trump even fucked up

the Honor layup On Memorial Day, in Making

(Talking Anus?!?!)

it ALL About Him While, ‘Not’ Truly “Honoring”

anyone at all. It’s so bad, I’m actually looking

Forward To “The” Upcoming “Trump Is In Jail”

footage. He’s Simply Terrified Knowing all the

walls are Closing in fast & there is nothing he

or any of them can remotely do. As I told you

before that is why you are Seeing even MORE

insanity/lies/hate/Unhinged Tweets Flying out

“Speaking” Of People Who Are “Cancelled” for

being Soulless racist Assholes, it seems that a

(Well no shit)

reboot Of Roseanne is OVER. All After “Racist”

hateful Tweets “About” Valerie Jarrett and her

Being The Offspring, From The Muslim Brother

Hood And Planet Of The Apes. ABC “fired” her

instantly. She deleted the Racist Tweet (as All

the Racists Do), Then did The ol’ Non-Apology

Apology They ALL do. It’d Be Nice If Just One

time, Some One Clearly Stated WHY They Are

very Sorry For the racist Hate they spewed. It

(So long!)

simply Is Because, They Are NOT Sorry, never

were & will always just Say “so sorry you were

offended”, “I’m Not Racist” Or “It’s just a joke”

Ahem I WRITE Them For A Living. It’s Not Any

“joke” it is all racist hate; it’s not “bad taste” it

is just racist hate. She was Dropped by ICM, &

Deserves EVERY-THING Coming Her Way. It is

Just Another Day In This Country Still living In


1861. We will get past this, it’s just so Very Sad

(I also truly believe she has deep mental illness)

NOTE : Puerto Rico Was Decimated By Hurricane
Maria And The ‘Death Tolls’ Are “Clearly” HIGHER
Then Estimated. This, Is Clearly A Horror In Need
Of Rapid Infrastructure Help “Unlike” Most Before

Have a day!

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