Trump Just “pardoned” felon fraud Conspiracy

lying crack pot Dinesh D’Souza. Forget that he

(<-Felon Fraud!)

ADMITTED he was guilty. Forget he was fairly

charged and Convicted for violating Campaign

Finance Law. Trump is just saying Openly that

“Meh, Fuck it. Laws Don’t Matter, go break em

all!!”. This Is DEADLY Serious Shit Here People

When pricks all Willingly Decide to Ignore laws

this Entire Country Will Burn Into Nothing Fast

And to add Gas onto the this Dumpster Fire he

also Wants To Pardon Gov. Rod Blagojevich as

well as Martha Stewart. Why not Just let Every

(He lied)

fucking fairly Convicted criminal lose?!?! He is

directly attacking our laws/courts/government

to undermine/end it’s Power. This is “Anarchy”

nothing more and Everyone should be shoutin’

this from the rooftops. A pardon here or there

is normal. But Non-stop pardoning of correctly

convicted criminals Is Intentional to Create an

obvious sense of “Fuck Laws!”. Dangerous Shit

It also tells me even He Doesn’t think he’s long

(29 years later)

for his job, that’s why he’s doing this insane shit

Think of A $ Box, about To Shut Off All of the Air

Have a day!

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