CNN And FOX Douche It Up!

June 29th, 2012

Both networks, both reported the Supreme Court struck down

The Affordable Healthcare Act. Why? Because they can’t read

(Oh shit)

Since when does the entire country now feel like Moe clunking

Larry and Curly’s heads together? Well… They all said it

was struck down at just after 10am. CNN broke 1st with this:


“The individual mandate has been struck down by the court”

All the Tea Party “Join Or Die” flag waving dolts were in love

All those dreams of Obama crying on his Cheerio’s were here

They felt it was their Merica again, b/c others lost healthcare

(Double whoopsie)

But seconds later FOX broke with, “Mandate Unconstitutional”

Now the entire Tea Party was in a frenzy. They took Merica back

to their views. Fuck the poor, & the black guy, & screw everyone

who isn’t god loving suburbanites totally clueless of policy facts


Then something terrible happened. Something so sinister & evil

Something only the devil or Obama could do. Reality set in……

The actual ruling was read. The law was upheld. Then they all

took to social networking sites, & decided to freak the fuck out

(Oh SHIT!!!)

It is sort of like if you & your girlfriend haven’t had relations in

a while, so they dress up in hot sexy lingerie, lowered the lights

& are about to hop on you when the phone rings & it’s her mom

And she has to know how you re-set her e-mail password now

*Erection go bye bye*

I’d feel badly for these people, but honestly they’re really really

(“La la la can’t hear you”)

terrible hateful people, so they got it coming. It’s comeuppence

Who cheers when people are denied healthcare coverage for a

pre-existing condition, or others now lose theirs, or boos a gay

solider, or cheers an execution, or mocks the poor? These loud

(Holy dumbfucks)

totally clueless dolts do not understand this policy. They never

have from the very beginning. But does that matter to have an

opinion in Merica? “Hells no! And if any of you stupid ol’ faggy

“libs” got a problems with it, you can just suck my truck nutz”

They’re common clay of the new west. You know………morons

Have a weekend!

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