It’s like a drunk lecturing people about sobriety. I had more:

(Call it now)

-It’s like a lifetime F student calling someone “totally stupid”

-That’s like a 5 time divorced man givin you marriage advice

Tan Boehner said he will proceed on a vote to hold Attorney

(Cry it out Cheetos face)

General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. Yawn. Where

where these people under Bush? Oh yeah, they were saying,

“Why can’t you just trust your leaders”, & “leave him alone”

The entire Republican party is clinically insane. They don’t

(Best friends?)

live on the same planet as the rest of rational society. While

Democrats are no picnic, in this modern era they’ve shown

a basic ability to help Republicans create policy or pass laws

when not in power. Move forward, & except election results


It’s just historical fact. I’ve never seen the raw hate of these

levels in my life. Bush implemented this idea, Holder then

incorrectly continued it. It was a silly dumb bad idea, so they

ended it. But now Republican’s claim it’s to take away all our

(Mandatory reading)

gun rights. What’s next, “Obama is going to rape your kids!

He’s making kids eat fast food, so they’re slower & therefore

easier to catch. He’s also going to kill them & wear their skin

Of course I have no proof what-so-ever, but it’s science fact”?

Let’s “Pistol Whip” The Nuns!

Finally, it was bound to happen, or be suggested at one point

A conservative talk radio host Jan Mickelson “joked” that the


Catholic nuns who have embarked on a nine-state bus tour to

protest the injustice of Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposed budget

should be “pulled over” & then “pistol whipped” by the cops

The exact words were: “Do you guys, do you have any power

to pull the nuns on the bus over & pistol whip them?”. Wow

(Oh shit)

I tell ya, it’s tough being a nun. How much fun do you have?

None. How many kids really like you? None. How much sex

Do you have? NONE. But most importantly, how much love

do you get from the extreme crazy right wingers? Oh….none

(Oh for shits sake)

What did the Catholic Church have to say about all of this??

Well, they’re piss off because the “nuns” focused too much

on economic injustice while failing to promote the church’s

teachings on abortion & same-sex marriage. In other words:


stick to the script. We’re not here to help the poor, or stick

up for those who are economically damaged. We only care

about those who HAVE $, because they give us lots of it….

So like Jesus, so like Jesus. If Jesus was a day trader at JP

Morgan working on releasing a new expensive mutual fund

Have a day!

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