The Arizona immigration law was ruled on by “The Robes Of Justice”

Sorry, it just sounds way cooler than the SCOTUS. They sound more

(Gingsberg’s a loner)

like a new kick ass super hero team of big Shaolin Monks. Anyway….

They ROJ struck down 3 of the 4 provisions of the law. Leaving only

one provision where if the citizen is stopped or taken in for a crime,

they can then check immigration status. It’s a “show me your papers

(“Papers please!”)

please” part of the law. Oh cool… the Supreme Court upheld that

part, right? Well no, not exactly. See, they didn’t actually rule on it,

or uphold it. Kennedy said, “Let’s see how you implement this new

law, but we reserve the right to strike it down it you’re just going to

(New robes)

use this as tool of racial profiling to kick Latino’s out of the country”

Translation: “Looks OK on paper, but we need to see how you use it”

What did both the right and left do? Well, they both claimed victory

& some of them claimed defeat. Meaning both of you fucking morons

(See photo)

don’t know how to even understand a Supreme Court ruling. FOX, as

usual was screaming on it’s chyron “Law Upheld!” not knowing what

the fuck they’re talking about. The media all had head up ass with shit

like “it’s a mixed bag”, or (D) Chuck Schumer blurting out, “as strong a

repudiation of the Arizona law as one could expect”. Um, no not exactly

They’re “trying it” & hoping that people implementing it, all do it right

If they use it a “deporting tool only” it’s now undermining Federal law

It’s a “trial” law people. If the bigots use it as a deport tool, it’ll be gone

If it’s used as an effective tool to control criminals not letting them back


on our streets deporting em, it’ll likely stay. But knowing Brewer, & Joe

“I’m a fucking racist” Arpaio. Prediction: this law will be gone w/i a year

It’s sort of like parents trusting a royal fuck up with the car. When you

are high as all fuck and shit faced. Then it gets wrapped around a tree


which you can be sure they’ll do. Then the SCOTUS shake their heads

sadly and all rule against you with that “Hey, we trusted you!!!” look…

They will rule on the Healthcare Bill. Don’t fuck it up, “We trusted you”

Have a day!

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