The Affordable Care Act was upheld by the big “Robes Of Justice”


Justice Roberts, Bush’s pick, was the swing vote. His logic sound

I always liked that term “swing vote”. Totally sexual in nature no?

“Well, I could fuck whomever I like really now can’t I? I get it all!”

Look, this isn’t about Obama, or politics or “we win, you suck”. It

(Now it is)

never was. This is about having a valid plan to fix all the uninsured

who cost the insured massive premiums, to get them insured. But

suggestions of how were 2 different ideas. The GOP said, “Fuck it

we’ll do tort reform, & give insurance companies interstate rights

(“Butthead” grown up?)

That plan would now lower all premium cost by less than 2%. Bravo!”

In two separate states these were both tried, and costs didn’t lower

Well, the president, & democrats said, “We’d all like single payer to

move forward, but will listen to all your ideas. Oh, so you have none

(now an umbrella)

other than those 2, or doing nothing. Hey, let’s take Bob Doles old

plan. Since it is Republican in nature, you’ll like it, we fix the issue,

& problem solved?”. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo. You

can’t allow anything from a Maoist, Commie, Socialist, baby eating

(Your base!)

Kenyan, who hates Merica’, takes your guns with out really taking

them, and taxes you higher without really taxing you. He’s so slick

You can never compromise or work with Doctor Evil. They painted

themselves in a box from day one with the level of hate, & discord


The Republican’s lost this country & vote when R-Mitch McConnell

said, “The single most important thing we want to achieve….is for

President Obama to be a one-term president”. Not jobs, or any note

Americans are struck by hard times, or pass laws to help us all, or

(Over this height’ll hate us)

wind down wars while caring for our veterans, or stop wall street

& bankers exploitation of us, or anything. When the entire goal of

a modern political party is to deny progress, & not work with some

one to help solve our problems and move us forward, then they’ve

chosen personal goals of greed and power over our country. How

will they try to spin this “Tea Party shot to the nuts”? Like a FOX

(“He’s a galactic alien!”)

always does. Lie, lie, lie, make up insane shit, & then lie some more

John Boehner said, “if the court strikes down all or part of Obama’s

healthcare reform law, there will be no spiking of the ball”. Oh But

then old Rushy McDouchehole says this: “If you want to spike the

football next week if the ruling on health care goes our way…….go

(“Yes, I’m a douche”)

right ahead!”. Strong words from a very very very stupid loud man

Last I checked, & correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need the

ball 1st in order to actually spike it? Giving facts to a Republican is

like smearing peanut butter on the roof of a dogs mouth, then just

watching it struggle to know what’s happening. Meh, been a rough

3 weeks for the ol’ TeaOP. Sad part, it’s all self inflicted hateful shit

And bet the next 4 years if Obama gets re-elected will be living hell

Have a day!

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