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Your super power is a ring. Costume jewelry makes you powerful Come on, that is a dead give away right there. But there are others: (“It’s gonna be a dress”) You wear tighter clothes than Cirque Du Soleil, you like to travel to Other universes, when you’re just too board & can’t take it anymore […]

Jeff Manshit? Hard to say, but the Minnesota Twins pitcher has had all The names I listed except one. Here is one of the mistakes on his jersey: (Child Labor) I’m guessing the gay boys like Jeff Manshift, where 50 steel workers get Together in tight shirts & cut off jeans shorts to dance…..all named […]

The people spoke, Scott Walker won fair & square. Good for him You voted for Citizens United. You voted to end the Middle Class (Yes it is) Bravo turds. Just know this, you deserve every damn thing ya get Here’s what you lose: unions both public & private, the ability to Have collective bargaining rights, […]

John Edwards got off! Well that’s actually how he got into this mess In the first place, but you get the point. He will walk because the jury (What a douche!) Couldn’t all agree to convict, so he was acquitted. But here’s the great Thing that happened from it. He was exposed as the lying […]

If Walker wins, and he might; it will be the end of the middle Class in Wisconsin. He has publicly stated that he’ll make it (Good movie) A right to work state with his “divide and conquer” statement He said it to big donor Diane Hendricks here. RTWS are the Lowest in income. The bottom […]

Mayor Douchberg I Presume

June 1st, 2012

NY Mayor Bloomberg seeks a ban on over sized sugary drinks in Theaters, restaurants, sports areas, & more. What’s “and more”? (Spot the douche) Back yards? Homes? Basements? Mouths? This shit has gotta Stop buddy. I can wait until there’s a law about how much shit I can make into the toilet. Government can be […]

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