If Walker wins, and he might; it will be the end of the middle

Class in Wisconsin. He has publicly stated that he’ll make it

(Good movie)

A right to work state with his “divide and conquer” statement

He said it to big donor Diane Hendricks here. RTWS are the

Lowest in income. The bottom ten are ALL red states with the

(Come on in)

Poorest citizens in the entire country. That should tell ya all

You need to know. But for some, facts don’t matter. Voting

Is emotional. I suggest you pull back the covers, look closely

(Know shit)

At the policy, statements, & facts of both the candidates here

And then decide if that is what you want. If you don’t chances

Are good you could wake up on Wednesday with Walker again

Who will serve corporate interests, not creating the number

(Me not smrt)

Of jobs he said 250,000, making it a RTWS, & going after all

The unions rights altogether. Hell, the guy said he would, so I

Don’t feel remotely bad for all those hurt by this. Self inflicted

You get what you deserve in this life if you don’t pay attention


If Wisconsin votes him back in. You’re asking for it. Barrett is

A choice here. Not my first by any shot. More of the lessor of

Two evils. As an Independent, Barrett is a “anything but him”

If Walker wins, it’s a big “Fuck off middle class”. It is a pretty

(Wait, huh?)

Clear vote. You vote for Walker, it’s for corporatist greed, and

Citizens United. If you vote for Barrett, it’s to support all the

Policy that tries to help the middle & lower class teachers, &

Cops, & fireman, & janitors, & any working class person who


Works in Wisconsin. Hell, all government workers rights are

Stake here. Go vote, make a call, canvas, be active…for if you

Just wait, tomorrow it might just be too late. Do what’s right

If you don’t, I’ll just laugh saying, “Meh, you did it to yourself”

Tomorrow: Big Bigot Blowhard Joe Walsh & Jerko Edwards

Have a day!

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