A women bus monitor was badly bullied by four teen boy passengers

Karen Klein went viral, & the whole world saw these lil hateful pricks

(68 year-old Klein)

Warning, it is hard to watch. It shows a sickening level of soulless evil

Hate you don’t see everyday. She decided not to press charges either

Wow, she’s better than I. The boys have just come out and apologized

Meaningless lies to save face. I have one great suggestion for the boys

The parents of these little hateful assholes, & anyone who thinks like

Them: let’s send them to Jerry Sandusky’s “Fun Time Camp” for kids

Don’t give the bully’s death threats. They will reap with they sow: hate

(Classy lady)

I suggest they aren’t allowed to ride the bus. Let them walk since they

Can’t abide by being responsible riders like the rest of rational society

Turns out Joe The Plumber’s still at it with his insane political ad here

(What a nutjob)

Claiming gun control caused the Holocaust, & 2nd amendment rights

Are going away? This guy is nuttier than squirrel shit. My translation:

“Hi, I’m an idiot of epic levels mentioning heinous historical events that
have no connection to the United States gun right laws; while at the same
time trying to replace discussing my policy, or economic ideas w/shooting
tomato’s since I’ve none. I’m today’s GOP: dumb & massively proud of it!”

Barbara Espinosa, an Arizona radio host……is proud of her comments

Calling Obama the “first monkey president”. Oh, for shits sakes people

(“I’m a racist”)

She said this: “I call him a monkey, I don’t call him a guy with rabbit
ears, I call him a monkey. A monkey. I voted for the white guy myself!”

Here we go again. Said it before, & say it again. This election will be the

Nastiest, meanest, most racially hateful in modern history. You ask me

“But why?”. GOP can’t run on policy, & they can’t run on the economy

(“Man face”)

Since they all screwed it up to begin with. They have zero policy aside

From tax cuts to the rich which isn’t working out, & cutting all the big

Government programs that help the poor or middle class. That’s it, so

Expect more hate, racism, ignorance, & fuckholes like Barbara. It’s all

They got, and clearly a new low for American political history. Ugggh

Have a weekend!

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