Obama said the private sector jobs were “doing fine”. Wait a second?

What? Less than one hour later he backtracked on that by saying this:

(Shit, oops)

“It is absolutely clear that the economy is not doing fine,”. Then he

Added “That’s the reason I had the press conference”. Oh, that’s OK

He said 1 thing, and explained it more clearly which was the opposite

It’s a gaffe, a goof, a miss-step, a brain fart, a “Whoopsie”. Obama is

(“I corrected it bitch”)

Not known for them, but at least the guy corrected himself setting the

Record straight. I think that’s one of the main differences between the

Two parties today. Democrats while spineless & weak at least admit a

Mistake, correct it, & move on. A Republican’ll grab a shovel, & start

(I saw nothing wrong)

Digging until they bend the fabric of reality itself demanding that the

World is indeed flat, so shut up & accept it you idiot assholes. It’s one

Of many major differences in the parties. But stubborn is held to em

Have a day!

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