Mitt’s Logic Twisting

June 11th, 2012

This fall election looks to be an epic turd swinging fun festival of shit

Mitt Romney decided to open his silver spooned mouth of goldeness:

(Yet, there’s time)

“He says(Obama) we need more fireman, more policemen,
more teachers. Did he not get the message from Wisconsin?
The American people did…………………………’s time for us
to cut back on government & help the American people”

Wait, what? How exactly do you do that? How do you “cut back” on

Government, but help the American people at the same time? No….

Really, how? It’d be like me saying, “You need more $, & more hours

In the factory, so I’m gonna really help you, by cutting all your shifts”

(Unless I don’t)

Wait, what what with the what what? Come again? That makes nooo

Fucking sense. If you/government say you want to help us, then you

Must now step up & help us. If you’re saying, “No, I’m helping you by

not helping at all”; then you are so full of shit, when you talk, plants

(Yes you are)

Are now magically all fertilized. Pay attention to what these two say

This election. Open your ears, for both of them. When you hear em

Talking out of both sides of their mouth scream, “Hey, I like what

The other you just said a few minutes ago. Bring that fucker back”

Teapublican PAC’s Have Lost It!

What do you do when things aren’t going your way, & you look very

Desperate? Well, if you got $ to burn start making Glenn Becks lies

(Wacka wacka)

Look like child’s play. Enough where you are literally just saying the

1st most insane lies that comes to your mind. Meh……it’ll be so very

Entertaining, that’s for sure. U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson

Sadly suffered a “seizure” while driving in the Pasadena area on Sat.

(Poor guy)

What do GOP nuts scream? “Oh, he was drunk!”. What exact proof

Do they have? Oh, none, but that doesn’t matter. The ends always

Justifies the means for folks like Karl Rove. Bryson had the seizure

And struck on car, then kept going to hit another. He was found to be


Unconscious behind the wheel of his vehicle by police. They took him

To the hospital where he was admitted & monitored over night. If it

Was booze or drugs they draw blood for a BAC reading, so that’s a lie

But does it matter when you hate Obama more than reality? Nope….

Not one fucking bit. They’re the same morons that voted 2X for Bush

(Just a heads up)

You thought society purged them…..or they just offed themselves by

The course of everyday events with a wood chipper. But nope, they

Still live, & end up bring the most hateful moronic big lies to the table

This PAC is only going to spend around $300 million during the 2012

Election cycle against Obama. How cute, thanks Citizens United!!!!!!!

Have a day!

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