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Sanders Wins VA…

May 11th, 2016

Hillary can feel that Beern in the Pit of her stomach; ohhh (<-Voters Do!) she ‘feels it’. It is still so very mathematically ‘slim’ for him to catch her, but SO Possible Face it, in National polling he ‘Crushes’ Trump by 13 points and she only does by 6.4. Let us think About THAT! So, […]

Those Drumpf Delusions…

May 10th, 2016

The Family Guy Ripped Drumpf a new shit shoot. To wit, he will say (Boom! Ha!) “It’s huuuuuge, my Anus is bigger and better than any ones today. It is terrific, and the only Thing aside from my mouth that can spew that much foul smellin shit at one time” And now that he’s in […]

The University Of Georgia, had a study on a political parties ability (Theirs busted) To Identify “Bullshit”, Or Massive lies. I’ll ‘give’ you a second to see if you can guess the results about about which political party voters fall for more bullshit. Yes, you All know those answers, from my big Title. Their Conclusion […]

It’s OUT! Yes, you’re Nerd Senses are tingling. Mine were Last Night (Ed Wood Style) It’s good. No ‘spoilers’ go in clean If you “Love” the Marvel Universe you will dig this with a shove. And it will ‘Shatter’ BO records forever Hey why do we call it a “civil war”? It’s like saying Jumbo […]

It’s Tough Being a Bernie Supporter these days; but these days are good (He’s coming!) Bernie is Still ‘Mathematically’ in it but must “Win them all” by 58% or better to Win. That’s a Tall order in Any Climate. Let alone, When their Queen Bee Hillary demands that he drop out. Ahhhhhh, no. Not just […]

It’s Trump Time!

May 4th, 2016

Indiana voted in the Republican Primary. They Picked “Trumpy” (Truth) Dems Sanders. You are seeing a real life endin’ to the Republican Party on the main stage. And it’s Glorious! Trump seals the fate of a bigoted, lying proudly ignorant base of “shrinking” “Tea Partiers” What he represents is loud proud stupidity, mixed with that […]

Fat Face Of Hate…

May 3rd, 2016

If ya hate X (Them gays, the blacks, them there Muslins, the poor, Trans, (Yes, we get it) Latino’s, Immigrants, or really every one not rich and white) ya just vote Republican. What good does welfare shaming do?! None whatsoever. But don’t Expect Republicans (Who ever is left today) to Grasp It. It is simply […]

You could ask for no “Better” analogy for The Entire Turd Cruz Primary Year (Fail Fall) Carly was ‘Introducing’ Cruz when she “fell” off the side of the stage; she was not injured at all, which makes it twice as funny. The idea is they “fall” so very far because they are not looking where […]

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