Kentucky Recanvass…

May 26th, 2016

Sanders campaign’s seeking this

Thing ‘Called’ a “Recanvass” just

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks in East Los Angeles(Count again!)

to “Double Check” that Kentucky

primary vote count was “correct”

Everyone should want that, even

Hillary because if she lost as well

by that tiny margin she’d also be

entitled to all that ‘Transparency’

Like Bernie. So, Will That Clinton

camp yell? Yes. And why?! Cause

where there’s smoke, there is fire

hillary-clinton-and-bernie-sanders-share-a-beer-snl-larry-david-kate-mckinnon-dance-tango(“Let’s dance!”)

Not saying Anything Illegal went

on, but if you “win” fair & square

ya never Fear a recanvass of any

kind; unless you did fuck it all up

Drumpf Lie #4,973,672

If you’re a Drumpf voter, you are

either A) Racist, B) An utter lying

Trump idiots racist funny(Yes, it did)

Moron or C) Both. Most sadly are

C) Both. And we see and hear em

all daily spewing their hateful shit

Remember, when ‘Drumpf’ yelled:

“I’m the only Self-Funded One up

here!”. Spewed it again and again

and Again. BUZZ! Wrong, he lied,

AGAIN. Any Racist Moron who is

still supporting the lying machine

Trump Simpsons funny(<-A Cartoon)

is the main reason they are racist

morons. If they weren’t that they

Wouldn’t ‘Love’ Drumpf SO MUCH

They like him even more because

R-A-C-I-S-M. Facts or reality have

no bearin’ on anything to the hate

NOTE: Republican Orin Hatch, Is
Sure He Reacted To Meeting The
Supreme Court “Patsy!” Nominee
Even Though, It Never Happened

Have a kick ass Memorial Day!

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