Bigot Bully Boy III…

May 12th, 2016

Drumpf has the intellectual depth of a

husky 4th grade playground bully who

Bullying idiot punching kid(Only Tactic)

is “Hopped up” on Sugar, & pop rocks

He uses “Nicknames” in an attempt to

avoid any/all Serious, Rigorous, policy

discussions. Simply put cause he can’t

do that. If you Can’t ‘Swim’, You Avoid

WATER. So, He Called Sanders “Crazy”

Bernie. Oooooooooo what a bern (rolls

eyes). See in an ‘real’ Debate, Sanders

would Destroy Him. He’s actually been

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee(Can’t hide!)

in governance…..36 years. The second

Trump tries the shit he did in their big

clown car primary, he has a man who’s

standing to the far left of him on every

issue. And the issues where they might

agree a little, Sanders Already DOES it

and HAS Done it. Why Take The 1/9 of

what ya want when ya can have 100%?

It would be like a Bully, trying to Bring


a “seasoned”, ‘intelligent’, policy heavy

teacher or Principal to Heel. They “eat”

ALL THE Fuckers like This for Breakfast

NOTE: Ex-Second City Alum Stephen
Colbert Does Perfect Satire Of Trump
NOTE II: Trump Will NEVER Release
His Tax Returns It Would Expose The
Lies That He Is Worth 10 Billion. He’s
Not, And He Knows This Fact So Hide

Have a day!

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