Good Ex Memorial Day weekend

to you all! Hope it was awesome!

Memorial-Day-2016-1024x567(Damn straight!)

But more importantly, thank you

to everyone who has served both

present, and past. And to “Those”

who will ‘Serve in the Future’. Let

us all never forget. A’ thanks’ just

isn’t enough these days. And one

Day Isn’t Enough. Glad we all DO

Celebrate It Along with “Veterans

Day”. But make every day special

slIP AND SLIDE(Good idea!)

for those who served. A smile, or

a “Have my seat” or a simple nod

with a thumbsup. So give of your

own time if ya don’t have a Ton a

money. It ALL adds up, & they all

deserve that at the least. VA, I’m

Looking In Your General Direction

(Yes, pun’s SO intended, for sure)

America’s Racism Problem

It’s deep, it isn’t going away and

until we ALL accept this Fact, it’ll

Confederate_GOP(<-We Know)

get worse. Drumpf, is simply that

SO Real manifestation of this shit

Go to any & I mean ANY of these

online comment sections today &

read all the seething hate coming

from racist, white, hateful posters

Are there Black, or other minority

racist posters?!? Sure, but by and

Republican Dixiecrat shift(<-We Know)

large it is ALWAYS the white Hate

racist poster that clutters sections

You’ve read it all before; that ‘shit’

from Zimmerman “still” using that

hateful racism to Divide daily, and

even sellin’ the fucking gun that he

use to kill an unarmed teen. To an

army of articles speakin directly to

the horrifying Racially Divided past

racism10(GOP Motto!)

we have here in America. To speak

of it, ALL racists yell. Because they

all want to be done with those very

real consequences of that real hate

Racists are simply two things; they

are A) Ignorant & B) Cowards. And

should you ever need to know why,

simply go On-line knowing they All

must Hide to spew their hateful lies

Don-Yelton-Resigns(Sound Familiar?)

If it’s SO Good & so Right, stand in

the ‘light’. They never did, until the

Donald came. And, that is SO scary

NOTE: Drumpf LIES Yet Again By
Claiming, He Raised $6 Million For
Vet Groups. Yet Only $1 Million Is
Accounted For And Been Received
That Means; He Pocketed 5 Million
Sitting On. Happy Memorial Day!!!

Have a day!

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