Walker $900,000 In Debt

May 23rd, 2016

Hey Wisconsin, you repicked a governor

who can not manage money, period. His

Lies(Yes, we know)

“Presidential Hopes”, put him $900,000

in debt. And you good people Wisconsin

PUT him in a position of power to FUCK

you all over. Did the amount of jobs he

promised ever come true? NOPE; & you

are the suckers. How sad. If ya keep on

Voting For “Plutocratic Lying Sociopaths”,

you will keep on getting the same results

1walker-liar(We know)

And I got news for you, it’s not a Good at

all……….and it always get way worse daily

Jack Nicklaus Ruins His Name

The “Golden Shower” ‘Loves’ Drumpf. He

“Endorsed Him” over the weekend. Jacky

35-Donald-Trump-Jack-Nicklaus1(How sad)

declared Drumpf is just “Awakening the

country” (Puts Head Into Hands) AHEM,

NO. What he’s doing, is tapping into the

extreme hate of George Wallace. Oh and

ask American how that Vote worked out

Hint, not well at all. He LOST at the epic

levels he should have. This election cycle

will Be No Different. The “Problems” that

20-Jack-Nicklaus-Donald-Trump-speaking1(“I suck”)

he will have, are getting any of those Big

Independent Voters. Nope & that is Good

NOTE: Hillary’s Ex-2008 Campaign Turd
Terry McAuliffe Is Now In Big FBI Trouble

Have a day!

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