What if I told you that the DNC

is in serious trouble. I mean it’s

Debbie Wasserman Schultz lying(<-Bias Liar!)

SERIOUS Trouble. Their ‘Chair’

‘Debbie Wasserman Schultz’, is

a big Hillary ‘supporter’. She, &

other ‘Supporters’ are Using all

the News Media outlets to Bash

Sanders and ‘all’ his supporters

even making shit up to Slander

and lie about Saturday’s Events

RATHER than Address That Bad

insane ‘Voter Suppression’ they

Head to head fight(At odds)

Committed for really No “Valid”

reasons. This goes Badly for all

of Them Quickly. See, when the

problem is ‘Something’ on Tape

I did for All to See. Pointing the

‘Crooked Finger’ at others never

Addresses WHAT They ‘Horribly’

DID That Was so ‘Wrong’. Some

Body will Get So Fired Over this

Fire Schultz For Bias. Then, PUT

Lange is in trouble(<-Lange fucked)

in someone Who is NOT Biased

Don’t just put in a Sanders Guy

because THAT’S even Worse. It

is all about Fairness, & being so

transparent that will help us all

Accept The Process. When their

Morning Joke is Saying it, They

have Sunk to a ‘Brand new’ low

They are Using Republican Shit

tactics right now; how sickenin’


Sanders is mathematically down

But, seeing Tactics like This tells

Us Possibly Why. And THAT is a

Big Problem, Moving Forward to

The General Election. And, Their

response? “Fuck you, know Your

place Sanders voters”. Oooooops

Either Clinton has a her Come to

Sanders voters moment with this

ironclad promise (VP pick) /some

signed pact; or she’s crispy Toast

Right now, it’s Simply Bad Hubris

NOTE: And, Hillary Runs Right &
‘Becomes’ “W Bush Neo-con 5.0”
By Calling Egypt Flight Terrorism
Before All Facts/Finding Are Said
NOTE II: Louis CK, On ‘Jeopardy’
Trouncing Two Other ‘Journalists’

Have a day!

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