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This is an emotionally sad thing And, “Losing” Afghanistan, Was (Ooooops) simply, Inevitable. The Orange Thing & Pompeo released A big Taliban Terrorist from prison & didn’t bat an eye. In fact it was clear, They ‘SUPPORTED’ Them Abdul Ghani Baradar is seen in this Photo, Standing with, then Secretary Mike Pompeo…..after being released; these […]

COVID Cases & Stupid Faces…

August 13th, 2021

As red state COVID cases spike & More ‘People’, Needlessly Die (Senseless) we are left with One thought in all of this: every, single, fuckin’ death could be prevented if the Morons were vaccinated. So at This point, Putting Others lives at risk along with their own, Is a CHOICE. Let That really Sink in. […]

We are now at the Stage of the Show, Where The Entire GQPrs (<-Monster) are saying “Let them eat covid cake & die!“. Wow, quite a big bold move: “Let’s kill off all of Our “Dwindling” Voters Faster With COVID”. “How About you all Just Die already” is Quite a Political Slogan. In fact, Shit’s […]

As we said here, an infrastructure Bill has Passed. In fact, now With (Coming SOON!) Reconciliation; & So it is Assured the Price will drive up the total to $3.5 trillion. And, all Of those 19 Republican’s, Have Done What Is right By Allowing this Victory For all Citizens. It’s is Damn Big Deal And […]

The Coup, Sue & Booooo…

August 10th, 2021

In big News, Cuomo’s No-mo He resigned today over all of (Agreed!) his Sexual harassment. Sure, He Did Very Good Things For NYC. But, that Doesn’t make his Horrible Criminal Acts go away. Both can be true, and they are. Speakin’ of fucked, the old Orange Thing is very Screwed. He tried a very Fat […]

In the mother of all meltdowns The Mein Pillow Guy, Has a Big (You go now!) One On CNN, When Presented with basic facts/Reality. And it Is gonna get legally/financially Worse. It’ll Get so Bad, He will likely Be Left with Just a Pillow case Of His Belongings. He, is is ‘Batshitcrazy Bonkers’. He is […]

Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan Isn’t ‘messing around’. And for a (Vax It!) good reason. They have A pretty big ‘spike’ so he said “go get the damn Vaccine!”. And With the Fl Cases “Spiking” Among all of the unvaccinated It’s just a message to All. ENOUGH! See, Even all of the Republican Governors, Aside from […]

With the Delta variant spiking in Unvaccinated “Red States” badly (<-CovIdiots) other Governors are Making The Vaccine Mandatory, If you Want to do regular funshit. It is About Damn Time. The horrid ‘failures’ of Others Not to care about their own Life (insane & Sad) aside, it is clear, the Rest Of the World Is […]

Independent investigators have Concluded that Governor Touch (File Footage of Cuomo) Cuomo sexually Harassed tons of Women working In his office Crimes, Any Crimes Are Totally Irrelevant to political Party, It’s All About Accountability. If you did it, that’s that. Now comes a Healthy Dose of ‘Consequences’ The Accounts are Irrefutable, & the AG’s Statement […]

70%, Delta Deaths & Done…

August 2nd, 2021

We now officially have over 70% of the entire country with 1 dose (Boom!) Republican Bootlicker & orange Puppet Lindsay Graham got the Delta Variant & Praised his Vax status. Others In His Cult Party Ignore It, At ‘Their Own Peril’ & will surely cause the death to a slew of GQP Voters. Shit, it […]

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