This is an emotionally sad thing

And, “Losing” Afghanistan, Was


simply, Inevitable. The Orange

Thing & Pompeo released A big

Taliban Terrorist from prison &

didn’t bat an eye. In fact it was

clear, They ‘SUPPORTED’ Them

Abdul Ghani Baradar is seen in

this Photo, Standing with, then

Secretary Mike Pompeo…..after

being released; these monsters

decided To DO this. Yes, Biden

has Full Responsibility. This, is

his & the Joint Chiefs Call, and

leave No Doubt. It is The Right

(The hard truth)

one. He Even ‘Said’ It Himself

in a historic speech. It was so

clear, Honest and accepting of

The Facts. About time. This, is

hard Lesson/Day for all Those

Neo-Cons (Neo-conservatives)

who Fucked it All Up. And, it’s

paid in blood by those who all

Want Freedom/Democracy. It

Ended. After 20 Years, To not

even fight, tells Ya everything

Speaking of Stone Aged idiots


Trying To Kill People; the Red

States outbreak Is so bad we

are losing More citizens every

Day. And, It Never Needed be

NOTE: Walls Closing in, On R-Matt Gaetz
For His Sexual Countless Assaults. Ooops

Have A “Safe” Day!

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