Ida crashed into the shores of MO

& Louisiana, Causing ‘Untold Pain’


Today, We will “See It” with clean

eyes. The 150mph windgusts, the

power Outages, all of the flooding

This will take time to fix, heal And

try To Rebuild The Damage. Brick

by Brick they will and please Help

We Have…A “Domestic Terrorism”

Problem in This Country. And, it’s

ALL ‘Sitting Squarely’, in The GQP

Party (or what’s left of it). Jordan

(<-Vial Shits)

& Pedo-Gaetz are flippin’ on the

Orange thing. BUZZ. Too late for

that. They ‘Both’ Had Many Calls

with Orange fuck making them a

Target of the Jan 6th Committee

And it Doesn’t Stop There, oh no

Aide From, ‘Far Right Wing Nuts’

‘Killing Themselves’ over COVID

denial; We got ‘Actual Terrorists’

Screaming For Civil War & Guns


to kill Political figures. Uh that’s

Criminal shit FBI. That, Will Not

stand. Time’s Up. Jail is Coming

RIP: Acting Legend Ed Asner Dies At 91
An Amazing actor & Even Better Person

Have A “Safe” Day!

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