Today is an important government holiday

It’s MLK Day and we had a dream……..that


we got the Day Off! Sadly, like most of you,

I didn’t. Meh, he was A Great Man, A great

leader & A Strong Needed Voice In Our Big

country. He always believed “Only sunlight

will Defeat Darkness. And, Only LOVE WILL

defeat hate”. Bingo! Spot On. And we ready

for the Start of The Senate Trial Of Tumpys

Impeachment Begins, TOMORROW!!!! Tune

in. Orange Idiots “Scream Team”, is Now In

full “crimes aren’t really even crimes” mode

Alan Derpowtiz Tried to claim that Abuse of


Power Didn’t “Mean” High Crimes At All, By

Hamilton. Ahem, YA it was without a doubt

This is going to go VERY Badly for Them, &

have no Actual Legal Defense. Oh, speakin’

Of “Breaking the Law”; A Bunch Of “Armed”

to The Teeth “Protestors” decided to violate

Virginia State “Brandishing” Laws. SEE, NO

matter if you have a Permit Or Not, you are

not allowed to “Wave around A Firearm and

hold a firearm in Public To induce Fear”. Oh,

(Listen up!)

you mean EXACTLY What They Were Doing?

I’m All About 1st Amendment Rights. But, If

ya lost an Election and Threaten Lawmakers

with violence if they enact laws, that’s illegal

Have a day!


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