Currently This Entire Impeachment Charade Has

done 1thing for every American voter. It showed

(We Know)

that Republicans Have Ignored their Oath, facts,

& are Willing to Snuff-Out Democracy partisanly

for Rump. This will Not end Well for them. Their

fear of Orange idiot/that racist base is now a big

fat Anchor Around Their Neck as they jump Into

the Ocean forever. This will End badly here folks

This Sham’ll have Hit Rock Bottom by tomorrow

R’s Will Spew Every Lie, Conspiracy theory, FOX

news PR bullshit & Screaming. It, will, not, work

This country Is One Thing Trump never counted


on. Smart Enough To Know that Justice was just

ignored! And, The Reason. THEY have Felt it ALL

personally. What Orange Idiot Never Counted on

was the Very People who Love Him, turning on a

dime feeling the Same as People who Fucked Em

He promised 2 Save & Is a predator. We all knew

Have a weekend!


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