John Bolton Already Told the WH & the World that

Orange Anus TOLD him directly about the Ukraine


aid being held up solely for the Biden Dirt. That’s it

The Entire Thing is over. It Always was. Shit, we all

already Had the Trump=Held Ukraine Aid Solely for

Political Dirt On The Biden’s Before, From Sondland,

Vindman and Yovanovitch. Not only will be now Be

testifying but he corroborated Sondland that “every

one was in the loop”. Pence…..Knew. Pompeo knew.

Barr Knew. Mulvaney knew. Told that right Here, &

didn’t mince words about it. And what was The idiot

Defense teams Plan?! Russian Propaganda lies. Ohh

(<-Bad person)

boy! And to place the most Hypocritical Act in OUR

history, Ken Starr on the Senate floor tried to state

“Impeachment is way too Political & tears us apart!”

(Fake Cough “Fuck You!”) What, a, lying pile of shit

He is now IN two of Only 3 Impeachments & on the

WRONG Side of Justice. Fuckin A; History Is Gonna

treat these immoral partisan lying Bozos so Harshly

And they Will Have “EARNED” every Damning Word

RIP: Kobe Bryant, Was Killed ‘In A Helicopter’ Crash with, nine
Other Souls. One Of Them, His Daughter. This, Is Horrific, And
It Breaks Your Heart. Now, He was accused Of Rape At A Time
Ago In 2003. The Woman Decided Not To Testify & Settled out
of Court. That Fact said, this is devastating for their family and
Feel Simply Sick. His Daughter Gigi Was a Shinning light, gone
WAY too Early. Hold your Kids Close, make every second count

Have a day!


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