Today, the US Senate took an “Oath” administered

by Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts To All

(“I swear…a lot!”)

Be Faithful “Impartial” Jurors. Should Republicans

play “Partisan Games” In this Trial & try to hide or

even obstruct Witnesses/Evidence, this will end so

badly for them ALL. This is now a “legal” issue, it’s

not As “Political” any longer. This is About Country

not “Party” anymore. Should anyone forget that, it

will be a Heavy Price to pay from Roberts, sargent

at arms, the rest of the senate themselves n voters

This is about our entire country. If breakin’ the law


doesn’t matter, we’re Due for a shit ton of Anarchy,

No Constitutional Law, Or Governmental Oversight

And as this is all happenin’ the GAO, a government

non-partisan Accountability Office just Ruled trump

“Broke The Law” & “Obstructed Congress”. BOOOM!

(BTW-Justice Roberts Was Visibly Nervous with His
hand shaking. This Dire Moment is Not Lost on him)

NOTE: Senator Martha McSally Calls Reporter “Liberal Hack”
This Is because she’s scared For Her Job. She Should Be And
She used it as a fund raising stunt because She’s way behind
NOTE II: FBI Agents “visited” Rudy G & Trump Buddy Robert
Hyde. Guess Mr. Jekyll Wasn’t available. They’re all Criminals

Have a day!


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