As The Governor of Wisconsin ‘Tells’ Trump

to stay away, the world lost A very cool and


amazing actor over the weekend. Chadwick

Boseman just died away from Colon Cancer

Damn, I really hate cancer, almost as much

As I Hate TRump/Republicans All Doing Not

a damn thing about COVID. These immoral

Monsters let 1,000+ Die A Day & don’t give

a rip. Seems Orange Asshole Can’t Even Do

a fair job just “Walking” these days wobblin’

on the stairs. Something is Very wrong with

him but we already knew that, he claimed it


was a “joke”. Only thing we can all Agree on

He is the biggest one ever & Polls are getting

stuck on “Landslide” for This Immoral Fucker

NOTE: Someone Claiming to Be Antifa Allegedly
Killed A Trump Supporter, who “Drove Thru” An
Anti-Racism March. One Person, Was Killed. You
don’t Kill people. Period but you don’t drive your
Car THRU People, Protesting Racist Hate. Illegal!
this hate must end. Vote, Vote, vote on Nov 3rd

Have a “safe” day!


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