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The DNC Zoom-A-thon happens Tonight! Republican’s Will be Speaking Tonight in (Unite!) about how hideous the Orange Asshole is And all of this as the House is called back into session To “Stop” Orange Anus & his Postmaster Bootlickers from killing off the USPO. They all know they are going down They all now they’re […]

Urine Trouble, Going Postal…

August 14th, 2020

President Pee-Pee is really #1. While Always Smelling Like #2. Cohen told (Pissed On) the world all of trumps crimes & sick shit he’s seen him do over the years Ooooooooops. And in A Hateful, Evil attempt worthy of Some Comic book villains; he’s Trying To Sabotage Our Postal Services to her mail-in Voting What, […]

It seems Mikey Pence Can’t Speak these days without lying Non-stop. He Tried to Claim the (“I’m Blind”) Douchey Duo created more jobs than Obama & Biden. Ahhhhh, no. That’d be a massive lie Getting Some of the Jobs Back that were lost in their Failed COVID Response isn’t Creating jobs. If I Hand You […]

There is a new Sheriff in town & she’s not playing around. If Orange Anus thinks he (Bring It!) can mess with the bull, he’s gonna get big ol’ horns! She is Hammering Him with the facts he is “doing” NOTHING for citizens & called out his failures non-stop. She’s just getting Started. This isn’t […]

The Suspense is over. Biden picked a Winner Yeah, I know, A bogger joke is weak, but I’m (“You, it’s YOU!”) a child. He chose Kamala Harris. Boooooom As Trump/Republicans keep Falling in every poll possible; their days are numbered. And, they Have Done NOTHING to support or Aid citizens crushed by the pandemic in […]

As tRump plays Games with Executive Orders trying to “Decree” he can spend/stop taxation (<-Idiot) Which is wildly Unconstitutional. The Rest of globe mocks Him knowing he’s a lunatic idiot And so, let’s not forget that these orders will never be allowed to be enacted because they are ILLEGAL. And as this ‘Happens’, we have […]

Who knew that Thailand Was now called “Thighland” or Yosemite was now called (<-Moron) Yo-Semite? Trump & Republicans Don’t care about COVID spiking, school goin’ Back “Correctly”, Economically Crippled American’s Without New Stimulus. Naw, they don’t Fucking Care. And it’s killing them Electorally. In Fact, their Electoral Map Looks ‘bleak’. It Should. They offer ‘Nothing’ […]

NRA Shot, Rump Panic…

August 6th, 2020

As COVID still Rages on causing new crazy problems in Society, the White House does (<-Dope) NOTHING. Not, one, single, Fucking, Thing Our Country is on fire & he/all Republicans don’t Care. They, Simply Just let elemental unemployment insurance of $600 extra for each week, lapse. And don’t CARE. And the polls ALL show it. […]

It’s damn good to be back! Sorry I was gone for a week. Have Several Very Important big (Boom!) projects that needed my full attention. But, now We’re rocking and rolling again! As we still daily Deal With this Horrific ‘Pandemic’ President “Orange Asshole” Decided to Just shit his pants on national TV in an […]

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