It seems Mikey Pence Can’t Speak these days

without lying Non-stop. He Tried to Claim the

(“I’m Blind”)

Douchey Duo created more jobs than Obama

& Biden. Ahhhhh, no. That’d be a massive lie

Getting Some of the Jobs Back that were lost

in their Failed COVID Response isn’t Creating

jobs. If I Hand You $200, You lost $500, and

then get $100 back, you are Still In the ‘Hole’

for $400. Get it? And as all this is Happening

we Have American’s Suffering Non-stop Here

Republican’s Simply DON’T CARE. Never Will

(“Hate Ahoy!”)

And tRump is trying his “So let’s kill the Post

Office So I can Cheat!”. This Election will not

come Down To 20-30 Votes. This’ll be Voters

telling him loud & clear. Get the fuck out now

Stay safe out there COVID’s Still running hot

NOTE: Republican Herman Cain Is “Tweeting” From The
DEAD. And it’s as ignorant as when he was alive. Ooops
NOTE II: Even FOX Cuts Away From Trump Ha ha ha ha

Have a “safe” day!


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One Response to “Prevaricator Pence & Klan Man…”

  1. John Bolger

    This place is the dogs balls!

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