As tRump plays Games with Executive Orders

trying to “Decree” he can spend/stop taxation


Which is wildly Unconstitutional. The Rest of

globe mocks Him knowing he’s a lunatic idiot

And so, let’s not forget that these orders will

never be allowed to be enacted because they

are ILLEGAL. And as this ‘Happens’, we have

166,000+ dead citizens while Republicans all

doing NOTHING To Control/Stop It. Speaking

of doing Nothing while breaking Every law on

The Books, Billy Barr, Will Be Spending Some

quality time behind Them VERY Soon. Ya see,

(<-“I Crime”)

it’s Illegal to keep doin illegal Things. That is

called BREAKING the law as Nations top Law

Official. Ooooooooooops. Trump/Republicans

are doing nothing to help us citizens and just

idly sittin by as we ALL Suffer. Such assholes

will pay dearly this November In a BIG wave

And as we All ‘Seek Proper Justice’ reform for

the Policing in America, a small section is just

using that as A Distraction to commit felony’s

Nope. Unacceptable. They’ll ALL face Charges

NOTE: A Sturgis Biker Rally That Has Been Going On
Since 1938, Decided To STILL Have The Event While
Knowing ‘Full Well’ They Will Spread/Contract COVID

Have a “safe” day!


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