NRA Shot, Rump Panic…

August 6th, 2020

As COVID still Rages on causing new crazy

problems in Society, the White House does


NOTHING. Not, one, single, Fucking, Thing

Our Country is on fire & he/all Republicans

don’t Care. They, Simply Just let elemental

unemployment insurance of $600 extra for

each week, lapse. And don’t CARE. And the

polls ALL show it. Voters know they do not

care & Now, Most all Voters Don’t Want R’s

in office. Ooooooops. And Speaking of Shit

hitting the Fan, the NY AG, Letitia James is

going to legally “Dissolve” The NRA. Ooops

(We Know)

She called out their proven history of fraud,

abuse, Financial Crimes, & Tax evasion. Ha!

Karma is Rolling Across this fine Country, &

she is enacting a sense of common purpose

mixed With Justice. And, it’s So About Time

NOTE: The Beirut Explosion, Makes Everyone’s
hearts hurt. 135 good citizens are dead and in
That Count, Is One American. Horrific Accident

Have a “safe” day!


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