There is a new Sheriff in town & she’s not

playing around. If Orange Anus thinks he

(Bring It!)

can mess with the bull, he’s gonna get big

ol’ horns! She is Hammering Him with the

facts he is “doing” NOTHING for citizens &

called out his failures non-stop. She’s just

getting Started. This isn’t her 1st fight nor

is she Shy About Stating Facts, Policies or

goals to get this Country healthy Again by

reaching Out To ALL Of Us. And, Now The

tRumper Thinks he Can Use His Executive

(<-Ya Lost)

Orders to Enact Spending & Taxes. Ha ha

Ah no. That is massively unconstitutional

He’ll lose. They, Every Sitting Republican

will lose. This is Coming to All of them for

their Hate, Indifference, Greed & careless

policies Hurting Americans. They’re Toast

NOTE: Ignorant, Immoral Sheriffs Office, Ignores The
“Wear A Mask” Law. This will “End” Badly for Them All
They’re violating Title 42, Section 262, part (a). Idiots

Have a “safe” day!


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