The Suspense is over. Biden picked a Winner

Yeah, I know, A bogger joke is weak, but I’m

(“You, it’s YOU!”)

a child. He chose Kamala Harris. Boooooom

As Trump/Republicans keep Falling in every

poll possible; their days are numbered. And,

they Have Done NOTHING to support or Aid

citizens crushed by the pandemic in the last

4 Months. Their Solution is “Meh, Fuck Off!!”

And as COVID Still Spikes, schools are tryin’

to figure Out, Shit’s going sideways and fast

And as Republicans Keep on all Sealing their

(Bye Bye!)

fate, Trying to ‘Attack’ Harris, ask yourself a

Simple Question. WHY, Did Donny Dipshiter

& his do nothing daughter donate to her?!?!

Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha! Ooooooooops. Toast

NOTE: IF You are looking for something in the area Of
“legendary comedy shit” to watch. I offer you “A Futile
And Stupid Gesture”, On Netflix. Thank Me Later Kidos
RIP: Trini Lopez Actor & Singer. Died At The age of 83

Have a “safe” day!


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