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Grand Jury, Indictments Coming…

February 13th, 2023

Georgia DA’s office is about ready to go with All of their (Oooh, Guilty!) ‘Indictments’. A Judge Will release some findings from The ‘Grand Jury’, Including an introduction to the case, their basic conclusion after Reviewing All the Evidence & witness’s lyin under oath OMG!!! Rudy’s Busted, And (Busted!) Lindsay G might be as well […]

Pence Subpoenaed & Scams…

February 10th, 2023

Pence, was just Subpoenaed By Jack Smith’s…….”Special Consul” (Ooooof) probe. Oh boy, TFG’s so fucked Legally Speaking, it’s almost all over but the Indictments & The Crying. The “entire” Q-publican Party Is “Nothing More” Than A big Scam/Sham. They ‘Hold’ no Policies Voters Want. In Fact, It stands to reason even the mega (No shit) […]

Busted, Not Trusted & Rusted…

February 9th, 2023

You know ALL those Qpublican’s Yelling At Biden for Calling them (Nothing) out on wanting to Cut/End all SS, Medicare & Medicade?! Welp, We Got ‘receipts’. Scott, Said it. Lee, said it. Graham, said it. And also many More. They were yelling At him cause he told the Truth & for these frauds, there’s Nothin’ […]

Biden struck a tone of Unity for ‘ALL Americans’ & Those (<-Jackass!) Sociopath Children in The Q Caucus Decided to use hate, lies, Boooo’s & abject White Noise Attempting To Stop It Didn’t Work. In ‘Fact’, Biden Flipped The tables On them HARD! They started Boooin when he correctly called out a Small group of […]

SOTU, “Quakes” & Flakes…

February 7th, 2023

While Literal ‘White Supremacists’ play “political dress up” in the US (Morons) House; the Rest of The country is Ready For ‘more Biden’. The GQP assholes are Not. They want Hate, chaos & to ruin 97% of our voters lives, not very popular. See these shits ruin the economy with every R In office. More […]

There is No ‘Republican Party’ Anymore. It Is Dead. What is (Bye!) left In It’s Place? Just Fascist ‘Racist Hate’, Combined With Domestic Terrorism. That, is IT. They Use their racist hate 2 kick minority D’s off of the Committee’s. It, Is Disgustin’ The voters In America are all “FURIOUS”. Wearing “Assault (No Shit!) Weapon” […]

Is is possible for Mike My Pillow Guy Lindell to Be Humiliated or (Moron Mike!) exposed as a fraud any more?!? The answer’s YES! Appearing in a Claw Machine, He Goes about 9 billion feet below rock bottom He Is Going to Lose his Lawsuit from Dominion. They are really all just so Legally screwed […]

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