Happy Presidents Day To all

who Celebrate this dandy of


a day aside from TFG who’s

A Criminal Hate Cautionary

Tale. As The Entire GQP, all

Implodes; Biden Tookoff to

Visit War Torn Ukraine And

Zelensky as a public display

of our Support Of Em. The

“historic visit” will be hated

by all Pro-Putin terrorists &

(No shit!)

many Of Em are in The US

Republican Party today. It’s

Disgusting & a Form of Vile

Domestic Terrorism. Oh, &

speaking of that; MTG Just

admitted Such by Callin for

segregation in the US. Ahh

no assholes. Enough is way

Enough. Bounce these hate

cretins Outta office. Legally

(Ding ding!)

Speaking, they don’t honor

their oath/support the USA

RIP: Comedian/Actor/’Wonderful Person’ Richard Belzer
has passed away at 78. You’ll remember Him as Munch
Our Dear Twitter Friend Laraine Newman ‘announced’ It
NOTE: Kevin McCarthy, Just “Gave” Putin Propagandists
40,000 hours of Jan 6th Footage. Wow,they’re not even
trying to hide their Domestic Terrorism. They’re a threat

Have A Presidents Day!

193 Responses to “Ukraine Visit & Domestic Terrorists…”

  1. John Bolger

    Indictments & legal hell for MOST of the GQP are coming fast!

    Buckle Up!

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