Nikkki (the extra K is because she

overtly Supports/Helps racists like

(The Grift!)

TFG/His Racist Pals) Haley Rolled

out her big 2024 Presidential Run

with a Mundane, Wet, Fart. She’ll

never, ever, Never be President in

This Country, Or Any Other. Maga

will Never Break her Way and she

Splits TFG’s “vote”. Besides, she’s

on Record Like mosta these idiots

wanting to CUT SS, medicare and

(Voters all know)

Medicade. And, Tomorrow Will Be

quite A BIG day with the GJ News

from Georgia On Likely Crimes, &

upcoming indictments. Oooooops

This is Going Down as Jack Smith

is closin’ in even faster than Fanni

TFG, his Lawyers, friends, Aids, &

Many “More”, Are ALL Fully Aware

the walls are Closing In fast on all


of them. Panic has set In, But that

Will get Way Worse. Deserve it all!

RIP: The amazin, lovely, talented, funny, sweet & all
Around Bombshell Goddess Raquel Welch, Passed on
at the age of 82. Gone & never never ever forgotten
NOTE: TFG is “Directly” to Blame for Rolling Back all
The train transport/brakes safety Regs. AND, So Are
The D’s. They’ve been In office with power too & Did
Nothing to reinstate them blame to share. Just Fix it!

Have A Day!

249 Responses to “Nothin’ Nikkki & Tomorrows Bombshell…”

  1. John Bolger

    Tomorrow will one more HORRIBLE legal day for a sting of them coming!

    TFG, deserves it ALL!

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