A Georgia Grand Jury Will

be indictin’ TFG very soon


And, Others Who “Crimed”

with Him. It’s Almost here

The jury’s foreman Stated:

“Ya won’t be too surprised”

& “It’s not a short list”. Ha

Ooooooooops; that Means

they’re All going down fast

‘Rudy’, ‘Powell’, Graham, &

many more who all fucked

around and Now “Find out”


There is NO recovery from

This. None. And The worst

part?!? This is Just the GA

‘Indictments’, not the Jack

Smith or NYC “one’s” that

are STILL ‘Coming’. For all

R’s/GQP; your Greed/Goal

of only Serving yourselves

While ‘Ignoring’ Your Oath,

our Laws, the Constitution

(We Know)

& Democracy Itself ended

you All. Good Bye, & F off

NOTE: Turns Out Ben Stein’s A Big Racist POS
Well thanks for telling us Ben. Now go fuck off

Have A Day!

17 Responses to ““You Won’t Be Surprised” & F’ed…”

  1. John Bolger

    BUSTED! Can’t wait until they’re served with indictments!

  2. siffhall

  3. siffhall

  4. John Bolger

    Bring it!

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  6. siffhall

  7. John Bolger

    Ding dong!

  8. siffhall

  9. Suipita

  10. Acumbmal

  11. John Bolger

    Legally going down!

  12. TheopNer

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  17. John Bolger


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